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GIVE: It has taken nearly 3 years to restore Wentworth Villa to its current state. To fulfill our mission we rely on your generosity. Every donation helps support our major and minor projects.

How to Give

In making a gift to the museum, each donor may express his or her wish to designate a priority area within the museum. We appreciate all donations in support of our work.

The best way for you to donate is by using the online form below. You can also donate through the Victoria Foundation or with Canada Helps. All donations should be directed to the Wentworth Villa Fund and are eligible for a tax receipt. We invite you to help keep the projects at Wentworth Villa going.

If you are interested in donating or have questions about how you can get involved, please contact Ben Schweitzer at (250) 598-0760 or We look forward to working with you to meet your philanthropic goals.

Projects You Can Support

  • Unrestricted donations that can be used flexibly to support current  projects and opportunities that arise within any given year.
  • Lectures series on restoration of heritage homes.
  • Exhibitions and architectural model building shop.
  • Building of architectural models.
  • Volunteer and Internships program development.
  • Volunteer and Internships program development.
  • Funding for the Museum’s architectural and historical collections.
  • Funding for temporary Exhibitions projects.
  • Funding for larger permanent Exhibitions.
  • Student research program.
  • Funding a new position of Curator.

Donation Form