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Almost all old homes have traces of their past hidden within.  Some very old ones, like Wentworth Villa, are so full of history that their walls do talk.  Before the restoration of Wentworth Villa took place, paintings conservator and historic wallpaper consultant Simone Vogel-Horridge received the opportunity to reveal what the walls of Wentworth Villa had to say.  Over the course of several months, and layer by layer, she uncovered 100 years of local wallpaper history dating back to the 1860s.

In her richly illustrated talk, Simone Vogel-Horridge will share her knowledge of the Wentworth wallpapers, including the handsome wallpapers of the Ella family and the stylishly embossed wallpapers of Faith Grant.  She will also discuss how the styles and use of wallpapers changed between the 1860s to the 1960s.  Guests will have the chance to follow along as Simone conducts a live wallpaper investigation and peels back the layers on wallpapers that have not been seen for well over 100 years.