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Wentworth Villa is operated by the Pacific North-West Heritage Homes Foundation. The Foundation is setting up the Architectural Heritage Museum in the restored building, which will be dedicated to presenting, preserving and popularizing Victoria’s rich architectural heritage. It will emphasize residential architecture, as opposed to official and public architecture.

The museum will cover the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century until the interwar years. It will host permanent and temporary exhibits about history of Victoria and the Pacific North West as seen through the evolution of building styles, standards, techniques and through the changing lives of occupants of these houses.

Building a Museum

Starting a new museum in the heart of Victoria takes time and the generosity of people. It is only because of you that we are to realize our vision.

Please find out more how you can help.

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Independent Trustees

  • Mark Hawkes, E-Learning Officer, BC Ministry of Education
  • Jack Lohman, CEO, Royal BC Museum
  • Jon Tupper (Sercretary), Director, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Founding Trustees

  • Magdalena Opalski
  • Michal Opalski
  • Stefan Opalski (Executive Chairman)